Last nights adventures with a 35m lens

So last night armed with nothing but my 1DX Mark ii and a sigma 35m 1.4 art series lens I decided to go for a walk around Santa Monica. Originally my intention was to snap a few pics to try out my preset pack on some new photos with other colors!

So just before sunset we found a commercial shoot taking place below the Santa Monica Pier, but even better, they were using smoke bombs!!

I fired away on my 1D until the last bit of light left the sky! Once I got home I paired them with some presets from my new pack that I thought complimented each shot!!

Here are some of the photos & which filters i used!

This shit I took that Sam posted on insta was edited with the Hollywood Cinema Color preset!

These next two photos were relatively flat when I got them in Lightroom, but after I applied the HDR Portrait filter to them the colors really jumped off the screen!

This beauty shot of my girlfriend was actually just the Hollywood Cinema Color filter dropped on top of the image!

Finally we have this shot of Sam Evans and his trusty sidekick! I edited this photo with the skin smoothing filter, than also put the Hollywood Cinema Color preset on top of it!!

Anyway just thought these were fun, hope you guys are enjoying the preset pack!

Make sure to tag any photos you edit with them using #Sawyersinstafilters so I can find them!!

All the best,


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