Well today is day 6 of our Road Trip from Sydney --> Queensland!!

Currently we are in the Sunshine Coast.... although today is the first day we've had any real sun!

Australia is so much more amazing than I could have ever hoped! It is kind of like a mixture of Hawaii, Costa Rica, Bali, and Los Angeles all in one!

I've uploaded Three Vlogs from my trip so far over on my YouTube channel Yt/SawyerHartman

I've attached a few photos to this post from our trip!!

There will be a ton more coming to here and also my Instagram!

As of right now I have 1200 unedited photos to sort through hahaha id say we are going pretty well 🔥

Anyway, love y'all and thanks for following my blog!!

Hang tight for some new content!! Love ya!


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My name's Sawyer Hartman.

I'm a filmmaker & photographer,

currently shooting in California, Australia, Hawaii, and Bali!


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